No more weeping and escaping from the bathtime!

Tiipi Kids has got you cute and innovative toys designed to giggle up your kiddo’s shower session.

Not just the shower time, we also feature beach essentials like a pool with a canopy to shield your little one from the coastal waves & harsh sunrays, letting them enjoy a personalized space.

Our assortment of kids' bath toys and beach essentials has been designed by MOMS, ensuring they pose no toxins otherwise associated with products made of plastic.

Floating in the bathtub or beach pool, these colorful toys engage and entertain the children, making shower times more convenient for parents.

Chic Innovation

"Chic, minimalist kids' solutions designed by moms. Innovative, aesthetic, and share-worthy. Elevate your parenting with our modern, problem-solving toys,Bath tub toy holder, and beach pool."

Bath Time Essentials

Bathing, laughing, and learning- our bath time essentials bring it all together!

When squashed or punched into the water, the silicon toys will produce a splash of bubbles in the bathtub, and these bubbles are gonna make your kid giggle.

The different colors not only make the bathtub playful for the young ones but also give them an opportunity to learn about the different shades. It’s a fun way to make them learn and grow!

After a good shower time, put these toys in our stunning elephant-designed bathtub toy organizer. This storage solution has drainage holes that dry up the wet toys quickly.

Beach Fun Essentials

The unpredictable seashore waves and UV rays can’t stop your kid from enjoying the day. Just get our Tiipi Beach Pool, fill in the seawater, set the canopy, grab the beach toys and a coastal spot is ready to let your little one feel the beachy vibes and enjoy the day.

No need to be cautious about your notorious baby crawling or running toward seawater. Tiipi Kids beach essentials ensure your kid and you both enjoy the day to the fullest!

Bath Time Ready

With our large toy holding capacity, your kiddo will be able to easily find ALL their favorite toys . After bath time our bath buddy will store, hold and help keeps toys dry, ready for the next day!

Why Buy From TiipiKids?

Non-Toxic and Durable Toys

Moms understand that if there’s something in a toddler’s hand, it’s going straight to his mouth! Knowing this, we have ensured that our toys are completely safe, even if bitten or chewed in the mouth. Made of silicon, they are free from harmful chemicals like BPA, phthalates, and lead.

Besides that, silicon is a solid material that withstands rough play, ensuring these toys last longer. Also, cleaning them is completely effortless, providing convenience to busy mothers.

Your Stop For Multiple Baby Essentials

At Tiipi Kids, you can find numerous essentials for both indoor showers and beach time. Whether seeking bath toys for kids, storage solutions, or a baby pool with shade, we fulfil your kids’ entertainment and engagement needs effectively.

Pay Your Way

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