Tiipi Beach Pool for 2


• TIIPI CAPE COD - Beachside Palace for 2: Like Art Come to Life, MEMORABLE STYLE meets INNOVATIVE SAFETY & UPGRADED FUNCTIONALITY in this ultra-chic, smart reinvention of the nostalgic Cape Cod sand pools our grandparents dug. For all the kid pool fun, without the strain of holding up little ones in the waves.

• BIG SMILES - SMART SAFETY - KEEP 2 LITTLE ONES HAPPY, SECURE & CLOSE AT hand in their own little oceanside beach pool. TIPII kiddie pools make it easy to keep your youngest tribe members happy without worrying about holding bigger wave-jumpers back. The ideal inflatable kiddie pool, baby beach pool, or mini pool for kids.

• SO EASY & FAST - JUST 5 BREATHS TO INFLATE - NO PUMP REQUIRED: Simply inflate the baby pool with a canopy, bury the HIGH WIND resistant exterior circle, fill the 4” deep baby beach pool from the ocean or lake, and relax as your baby or toddler safely splashes about without fear of submersion. You can also grab some bath toys for kids for a more enjoyable place for your kid. 

• ALL DAY SUN PROTECTION - NO MOVING REQUIRED: 2 POSITION MOVABLE SUN SHADE protects baby fast without moving the outdoor swimming pool an inch! Simply untie the canopy, retie in your choice of 2 positions, and protect that delicate little skin against harmful UV rays.

• IG WORTHY MEMORIES - DELIGHT GUARANTEED! Parents who know TIIPI know how to identify the optimal balance between functionality and style, and this pool is no exception. We’re confident this beach pool with sunshade keeps babies, toddlers, and even preschoolers happily playing by your side, or we’ll extend a full refund - no questions asked.

• SPECIOUS POOL AREA- The Tiipi beach pool is spacious enough to give your kids a space to accommodate toys, bathtub toy holders, and other cool things.

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Tiipi Beach Pool for Two

Double the fun! Double the safety! 

Presenting an innovative beach pool to make your kids’ coastal experience more enjoyable and safe. The sea waves are unpredictable, but with our beach pools, you can protect your young... Read More