How does it feel when a peaceful and well-organized bathroom turns into a mess of scattered toys that anyone could trip over during bath time? The time after the kids' bath is challenging because you need to clean and organize children's toys, bathroom mats/rugs, and other toiletries. Managing this clutter is important to maintain a tidy space and keep the toys clean and hygienic. Here, we are going to discuss 10 genius bathroom toy storage ideas that every parent should know. 

10 Bathroom Toy Storage Ideas

Bath Buddy Toy Organizer

If you want something that keeps bath toys for kids hygienic while allowing aesthetic storage, consider using a toy organizer bin. These bins are made of plastic or fabric and come with drainage holes. They feature a cute elephant design and consist of a  2-piece bucket and base. You can store large quantities of bath toys in them, and they are easy to clean and rinse off. You can place the bin on a shelf or under the sink to declutter the space.

Silicone Bucket Set

For small bathrooms, silicone buckets are perfect as these don’t cover much space, and you can also hang them with shower rods or hooks. These are safe and stylish alternatives to traditional plastic toys created with reusable materials. Silicone buckets are free from the harmful material Bisphenol A (BPA), which is a chemical used in the production of plastic, making them environmentally friendly. Additionally, they do not have sharp edges, which makes them safer for kids to play with. After use, wash the silicone bucket set with mild soap and water to keep it clean.

Mesh Bags

The fantastic solution for bathtub toy storage is mesh bags. They are made from perforated materials, which makes it easy to drain out the water and circulate air, preventing mold and mildew growth on toys. 

You can organize the kids' toys according to size and type, as netted bags are available in various sizes. You can install them with the help of sturdy suction cups and attach them to the wall or tub. This keeps the toys nearby so you can grab them easily, but they won't clutter up the space where you're moving around.

Towel Bars with Baskets

The dual combination of towel bars and baskets is a smart solution that maximizes space without the need for extra installations. You can use zip ties or hooks to make sure that the baskets stay in place. These are featured with rounded edges and smooth finishes, which minimize the risk of injuries from sharp corners, making them safe for children. These baskets are perfect for storing smaller bath toys for kids, washcloths, or bath crayons, keeping them within easy reach for both you and your child.

Bath Toy Caddy

A portable bath toy caddy comes with multiple compartments which allows you to perfectly organize bath toys. Its sturdy handles make it easy to carry and move in and out of the bathroom as needed. Now, you won't have to deal with overflowing buckets or struggle to find your favorite squirt gun.

Over-the-Tub Shelves

These shelves are mounted over the bathtubs and provide plenty of bathroom storage for bath toys. These can be installed permanently or temporarily as per your requirement. Adjustable shelves can fit various tub sizes and are easy to install and remove. Whereas permanent shelves ensure the safety of both the toys and anyone in the vicinity as these are permanently fixed.

Wall-Mounted Toy Holders

Wall-mounted holders use suction cups or adhesive to stick to walls and can be installed without the help of a professional. These are budget-friendly and dont require much maintenance. Toy holders are wall-mounted and open from the top, providing equipment protection in open spaces from tampering, dust, and other hazards. They are equipped with locks that secure the front and side panels. You can choose colorful or themed holders to add a playful touch to the bathroom decor.

Corner Shelves

Fill your empty bathroom corners with tiered shelves. These not only help to manage toys but also make your bathroom look pretty. Make sure the shelves are securely attached to handle the weight of the toys.

Toy Hammocks

Toy hammocks are mesh nets that hang in a corner and can hold a large number of toys, keeping them off the floor, reducing clutter, and preventing accidents. They add a playful touch to the bathroom.

Repurposed Plant Hangers

The most creative way is to repurpose old plant hangers into unique bath toy storage. You can simply hang them on a hook or towel bar and use them to store bath toys for kids, such as cups, scoops, or bath mitts. This is not only an environmentally friendly option, but it's also budget-friendly and adds a personal touch to your bathroom decor.

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Maintaining a peaceful and organized bathroom in the middle of the children's bath time clutter can be achieved with these 10 genius bath toy storage ideas. From practical bins and silicone buckets to mesh bags and creative repurposing, these solutions offer both functionality and aesthetic attraction. Maximizing space and ensuring safety, these storage options not only keep bath toys tidy but also contribute to a hygienic and child-friendly environment.

Written by Think Shaw